FOR SALE:  A Unique Farm for the 21st Century Pioneer

La Paix Herb Farm has been reduced from $369,000. to $310,000. as of April 2016.  Please call Myra at 410-357-3113 or email me at lapaix1@comcast.net.

The road that brings you to La Paix winds through a valley, beautiful and serene.  La Paix means  peace, and that is what you will find here. Nestled at the end of a hollow,  La Paix Herb Farm offers 110 acres of mature woods, organic gardens, and magical charm.   La Paix Herb Farm is located only a few miles from Rt. 33 in Lewis County, West Virginia.

La Paix Herb Farm house May 2015 best

Completely painted June 2014 – Roof Completely redone 2013  All roofs new since 2012 (home, root cellar, shop, Holy Garden Shed).  The generator fueled by free gas  shown on left goes on automatically if the electricity goes off.

Log Cabin circa 1850 - La Paix Herb Farm

National Historic Landmark

A National Historic Landmark, La Paix epitomizes the self-reliant homestead that early settlers strove for and today’s homesteader strives for.  Purported to be part of the Underground Railroad, this working herb farm and its woods continue to delight and encourage the imagination of visitors.

For those who are interested, please contact  Myra at 410-357-3113 or lapaix1@comcast.net.

Log Cabin - addition to Victorian I Farm House - La Paix Herb Farm

Victorian I Farmhouse and Log Cabin

The Victorian I farmhouse (1890’s) is further enlarged by the two story original Log Cabin (1850’s) attached.  High ceilings, eight fireplaces, woodwork cut from its timber, three covered porches and hand cut stone steps and paths enhance this historic structure.  Four bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, TV room, laundry room, and 1.5 bathrooms complete the accomodations in the main house.



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The Root Cellar Remodel – a Separate House

In 2014, an addition to the hand cut stone root cellar includes a living room, full bath, fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, and a deck reached through glass French doors.

Root Cellar with Renovation

Other Buildings

In addition to  the handcut stone root cellar, there are three other buildings on the grounds of La Paix Herb Farm – a shop with roofed patio, a green house and a garden shed graced with Gothic windows from a nearby church.  The 1920-30’s gas stove pictured here as well as the display case remain as part of the property.

Interior: Shop at La Paix

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The Gardens of La Paix

Pavilions dot the gardens of La Paix and wooden benches placed strategically give the observer a comfortable seat to relax and contemplate the scenery.  Nine gardens, all cultivated using organic gardening methods for 35 years are located around the farmhouse.  These include older Lavender beds by the front yard drive, the kitchen garden, perennial garden, Feng Shui, Big Fragrant Garden (ala Monet), Vegetable Garden, Research Garden, Silver Labyrinth  and more.  In 1994, La Paix Herb Farm was the first farm in W.V. to be designated certified organic by the Mountain State Organic Grower and Buyers Association.   Many of the gardens contain perennial culinary and medicinal herbs such as lavender, lemon balm, catnip, chives, garlic chives, Evening Primrose, Agrimony and thyme.  Other gardens contain purple asparagus, missed garlic and potatoes which will grow again next spring.  An Appalachian Black Twig Apple Tree puts out its bountiful harvest every two years (2016 will be a good year).  Over six full compost bins are located around the farm.

Big Fragrant Garden landscape for shopping cart

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Woodlands, Caves, Rock Formations, Diversity of Plants

The diverse woodlands of La Paix (over 100 acres) contain paths through the ferns, indigenous plants and trees, surrounded by caves, rock formations and many small creeks leading to the primary creek which flows by the homestead (never having flooded the buildings) and then to Leading Creek.  Benches in the woods encourage the contemplation of the peace and magic that is La Paix.  I believe there are Angels in the woods.  It has been a source of sanctuary and deep understanding of nature for many who have visited there.

That feeling of Peace is felt by many who as they alight from their cars upon arriving at La Paix, say, “Oh, this is so beautiful – there is such a feeling of peace here.”



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For those who are interested, please contact  Myra at 410 357-3113 or lapaix1@comcast.net.

The Business of La Paix

Over the years, La Paix has presented many workshops, tours, ten Lavender Fairs (with up to 500 attendees), apprentices (including one from Japan and one from India) who earned college credits for learning here, tours, and a web site featuring the many products made here.  Research grants from the USDA Sustainable Farm Research program have included:  Flea Beatles on Kennebec Potatoes, Deer Scents and Christmas Lights (deer deterrents) Lavender for WV – A Smell Good Project and a self imposed research program on Stinging Nettle as a Fertilizer.   Some photos of these activities are available on this website.


The Price for La Paix

The price for La Paix Herb Farm (which includes free gas and a generator which goes on automatically when  Mon Power goes off) is reduced to $310,000. from the original $389,000.  The current owner, Myra Bonhage-Hale, states, “I am very desirous of having the new owner respect and honor and love La Paix as it will in turn honor, respect and love them.  Therefore, a lower amount is negotiable for the right person.  I know La Paix is just waiting now for someone to come and love it again. ”   If you are the right person for La Paix please contact me – the steward, Myra at lapaix1@comcast.net.  See more about La Paix in the links on top of this page.

  Daffodils at La Paix

La Paix Herb Farm has been reduced from $369,000. to $310,000. as of April 2016.  Please call Myra at 410 357-3113 or email lapaix1@comcast.net.

  It has been the culmination of all my dreams for an organic teaching farm in West Virginia.  But, I (Myra Bonhage-Hale, steward) am now 80 years old and it has been time for me to move on.  I am now living in Maryland and still producing some of the products I have been able to produce in West Virginia.  If you are interested in buying a wonderful, 110 acre organic farm and beginning your own journey here, please contact the steward, Myra Bonhage-Hale at lapaix1@comcast.net or 410 357-3113.    In the meantime, enjoy the dream that became reality of La Paix Herb Farm.  Thank You. La Paix Herb Farm is situated on 109.6 acres on Crooked Run Road in Lewis County, West Virginia. Originally the May/Kraus House and farm,  Painting Bathtub in the Garden #10La Paix Herb Farm is the original homestead of the Mays, who superintended the building of the old Weston State Hospital, reputed to be the largest hand cut stone building in the United States. The Mays were German stone cutters by profession, lived at La Paix where they farmed in the summers and in the winters they lived with residents while building their root cellar. In the spring, the Mays left the buyer’s residence, received $35 for their work and returned to farming at La Paix. Major buildings are the homestead, root cellar with apprentice apartment above, greenhouse, shop and the Holy Garden shed, formerly the pig shed. The greenhouse and shop have been added by the present owner and steward, Myra Bonhage-Hale. The entire farm has been named as a National Historic Landmark (2006).

During my 34 years in West Virginia, I have been happily and fruitfully involved in helping to create and contribute to such organizations as the Mountain State Organic Growers and Buyers Association, the West Virginia Herb Association, the Mountain State Dowsers, the Sustainable Living for West Virginia group, the Psych. Rehab. Group, the Lewis County Concerned Citizens and the West Virginia Environmental Coalition. I moved to West Virginia so that I could grow organically and the soil in my seven gardens is a testament to the friable, rich earth that evolves from years of organic growing. For my first ten years here, as the single mother of two children, I worked in my profession (MSW) as first a social worker, and then Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation in the old Weston Hospital. I retired early as I was chemically sensitive to the pesticides liberally sprayed throughout the hospital and had recurrent bronchitis and pneumonia as a a result. Since, retiring, I have received four different grants for research in sustainable  farming from the USDA and have continued to do research on many aspects of environmental sustainability. The products featured on this website are a result of my research and development – and many of the ingredients are grown right here at La Paix.  I continue to be active in environmental and herb groups and practice dowsing. In the last five years, my son, William Nicoll Hale, has joined me on the farm and is rapidly learning all there is to know in this magical, precious piece of God’s love. ~ Myra Bonhage-Hale~

An integral part of my journey here at La Paix Herb Farm has been my joy in its beauty and in preserving it and sometimes creating it by decorating it. I have taken thousands of photos of La Paix’s gardens, woods, plants, flowers, trees, my family, my apprentices, my many friends, and always interesting visitors and guests. From these photos, I have attempted to capture the light and love of La Paix in my paintings. Myra’s Paintings of the Flora, Fauna, Folks at La Paix.

For those who are interested, please contact Myra at 410 357 – 3113 or email me at lapaix1@comcast.net.  More information on La Paix can be seen on my Facebook page La Paix Herb Farm.  Love, Peace, Light and Joy, Myra


La Paix Herb Farm has been reduced from $369,000. to $310,000. as of April 2016.  Please call Myra at 410 357-3113 or email me at lapaix1@comcast.net.