La Paix has been named to the National Register of Historic Places. La Paix Herb Farm is the original homestead of the Mays, who superintended the building of the old Weston State Hospital, reputed to be the largest hand cut stone building in the United States. It is now a designated historical preservation site. The Mays were German stone cutters by profession, and lived at La Paix where they farmed in the summers. According to Angela Kraus, descendent, in the winters they moved to area farms where they built root cellars for the owners. The Kraus brothers lived at the area farm for the winter until spring, when they were paid $34. for their labors. They returned home to what I call La Paix Herb Farm.

Home to a Variety of Gardens

La Paix is home to a variety of gardens. The Big Fragrant Garden has a tub we use at the end of a warm day – it is very relaxing to bathe and admire the gardens and fields of wild flowers. This garden has lavender, lemon balm, peppermint, and other fragrant herbs.

Other gardens include The Silver Labyrinth, the Feng Shui Garden (photos of gates on either side of title of this page), the organic vegetable garden, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, the Psychic Tree by the Pond Sanctuary and the Japanese Tea House.

Three long rows of Grosso lavender by the driveway welcome visitors. Many pavilions were erected in 2004 to bedeck the gardens and shelter booths at the Lavender Fair and New Moon Pizza Fair.

More about the Buildings and History at La Paix.