Garden Photos

Stay awhile in the backyard and look your fill….here you will find a round lavender bed and hops growing at will. Or follow Torma over the bridge to see benches just waiting for you to sit and look to the ridge.

Enter by way of the Big Garden now planted with lavender, lemon balm, peppermint, wisteria and roses….a treat to all my guests’ noses.

Come all the way to the Silver Labyrinth today. Walk it and find true peace of mind.

If you cut the blossoms off your garlic and put them in a container w/o water they go through various beautiful stages for over a month.

New Feng Shui Garden gate created by 1) friend Elaine Ferry rescuing battered bamboo screen from trash;
2) neighbor Andy Shearer re-designing the parts;
3) need created by deer which smashed through previous gate in the winter of 2004-’05 to reach birdseed.

The right handed side of the Big Fragrant Garden entrance path with much weeded thyme. The sundial tells the time in the thyme!

On the left: stools & tables created from walnut & elm trees killed by lightening. On the right: new path to bridge over creek; Feng Shui Garden left rear; greenhouse on extreme left.

Close Up of New Path made from stones gathered at La Paix.

In the evening at La Paix’s entrance to the Big Fragrant Garden. July 23, 2005.

View looking west at new seats & tables under Pavilions in Big Fragrant Garden – seats & tables made from walnut & elm trees taken down after being struck by lightening.

Big Fragrant Garden – looking to north pavilion with beautiful sumac tree on left background

The Rhododendron were absolutely gorgeous this Spring.

Close up of garlic flowers shown earlier.

New back gate of Feng Shui Garden. This is the Relationship corner with red, pink & white flowers.

Middle path of Feng Shui garden showing oregano overflowing path. New garden signs are made from re-cycled picket fence with top to keep off sun & rain.

Left side of entrance to Big Fragrant Garden showing newly found hand cut stone trough (buried in dirt). Thyme and wild marjoram in garden.

The beautiful bathtub in the Big Fragrant Garden. Mid garden path going west to east is flanked by containers of sweet marjoram, Goodwin Creek Gray lavender, Rosemary and Grosso Lavender.

The new seats and tables adorning the pavilions in the Big Fragrant Garden. Top of Seats & Tables are of recycled walnut. Legs are of recycled elm. Both trees were hit by lightening in 2004 and were dead, so had to be taken down to insure they wouldn’t fall and hurt someone.


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