Photo Journey LaPaix Woods & Fauna

My son, William Nicoll Hale, III, helps to rake the woodland paths on Mother’s Day, 2001. This has become a tradition at La Paix and the ritual heralds the coming of guests to walk the trails in search of edibles, medicinals, peace and beauty.

There are bridges over the creek ravines in the woods. Benches are scattered through the woods. Timbered over fifty years ago, larger trees are found on the steeper slopes. Persimmons, may apple, self heal, all heal and many medicinals can be found in the woods.

There are seven creeks flowing down the hills to the main creek which runs by the farmhouse and divides one part of the gardens from the other. In the woods, trees are diverse as well as many varieties of ferns and mushrooms.

Mosses, Ferns, Mushrooms and Fungi are all abundant in La Paix’s woods. This moss photo was taken by Jesse. The Golden Chanterelles in the wok grow here too. An edible wild plant and mushroom workshop is planned for
July 13th, 2003.

The last photo was taken about six years ago. This group of young people, including my son and daughter, met in La Paix’s woods to honor and talk about their friend, Dan, who had died the day before. Stories were told of the many funny scrapes Dan got into. We all mourned his leaving. This ceremony allowed his friends some closure to their sorrow at his sudden death.

Some people see shape shifters and angels in this photo taken of the group celebrating his life. Dan loved La Paix’s woods. He worked in the gardens and often camped in the woods, communing with nature. He took movies of squirrels performing for him in the woods and built shelters there. This photo has not been changed. I believe La Paix is a sacred place.