The Gardens of La Paix

LPHF big garden wisteria bloom

The Big Fragrant Garden with Wisteria in bloom

LPHF back gate

The Back Gate

LPHF bathtub 1

The Bathtub in the Garden

LPHF backyard



Kitchen Garden – the soil is so beautiful here after 35 years of organic techniques.

      LPHF daffodils on hill

.  There are hundreds of daffodils and narcissus in the spring all around the farm – the deer don’t eat them!Daffodils by the creek which flows from the forest and hills


Daffodils on the hill in spring – Shop.

IMG_0615Visiting the Greenhouse in February is wonderful.


Big Fragrant Garden – thyme

Log Cabin - addition to Victorian I Farm House - La Paix Herb Farm


 Peonies around the small pond.

Feng Shui landscape beautiful for shopping cart

                                                                          The Feng Shui Garden


Entrance to the Big Fragrant Garden


                                                                         The Feng Shui Garden

            Painting Labyrinth at La Paix

                                                                     My painting of the Labyrinth

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