La Paix Herb Farm Home – Interior

IMG_1002      IMG_4170

2nd floor log cabin w. – library & grow lights    2nd floor log cabin east – art studio, library

IMG_0997           IMG_0117

Library & Guest Bedroom – 2nd floor log cabin     Guest Bedroom – 2nd fl. log cabin

IMG_0981                      IMG_0995

Front Hall looking west – Vic. I.                         Front steps Victorian I Farmhouse

IMG_0983         IMG_0986

Parlor – Victorian I. Farmhouse           Front B.R. Victorian I – with l/2 bath

IMG_0978                           IMG_0975

Kitchen – Log Cabin  1st floor                            TV Room to Bathroom – Log Cabin 1st floor

IMG_0972                        IMG_0107   Full Bathroom with Claw Foot Tub                  Guest Bedroom – 2nd floor – Victorian I



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