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  • Peaceful Kitty Catnip

    Free with your purchase of $50 or more, a 1oz. box of Peaceful Kitty Catnip.

    Organically grown, naturally dried. Cats which turn up their noses at commercial catnip (grown like hay and baled the same way) love this organically grown catnip and naturally dried treat. For the fastidious feline - the best!

  • Hydrosol

    Hydrosols, are products from steam distilling plant materials. Hydrosols are similar to essential oils but in far less of a concentration.

    Hydrosols are much kinder to older and younger skins and to the purse - as they are much less expensive than essential oils. . Lavender is only one of the hydrosols distilled at La Paix Herb Farm.

    Hydrosols have a multitude of uses: spritzing, hygiene, travel, laundry, fine dining, beauty and skin care. We recommend that hydrosols be refrigerated for continued freshness. Beauty and Skin Care: Spritz on fingernails to encourage healthy growth of nails, on face to set makeup (or with lavender to clean make up from face), as an after shave, spritz on hair and scrunch to refresh and scent hairdo, add a cup to bathwater. Spritz Yourself: Cool a hot flash, soothe a sunburn, soothe a pet's hot spots, clean the air, freshen the bathroom, keep in the entryway to freshen the air before guests arrive.

    Hygiene: Disinfect your hands, make your own wet wipes - for you, your pets, your baby.