The buildings and grounds of La Paix Herb Farm

La Paix overall map_0001

A map of La Paix Herb Farm showing gardens, Main House, Root Cellar House, buildings.


From the front porch you can watch soft ball practice in the front yard.


Sit on the front porch and watch the world of birds, butterflies and wildlife.  Looking West.


The side porch off the log cabin kitchen and laundry room faces north – a great place to work and be comfortable.  The cupboard and far table are still there.


Side porch looking east – Root Cellar of hand cut stone on upper left.  Back gate takes you to backyard where……


the Vinca, Lily, garden leads by hand cut stone path to the Potting Bench and Greenhouse.  Shop on upper left.  Bridge over creek middle right.


The green house has steel planter boxes for your plants – the Rosemary do well here all winter – no heat needed until below 20 degrees.


From the greenhouse on your left,  enter the yard with the Feng Shui Garden (see photos under Gardens) and on the right the Picnic Area.  You can see one of the many bridges toward the back leading to the Holy Garden Shed and Labyrinth.


The sturdy bridge over the creek leads to an area where workshops and benches have been placed for the Lavender Fair and other events.  Further back you will find the Big Fragrant Garden.  Paths to the right lead to the Vegetable Garden and Research Garden.  Full compost bins can be found in at least 7 gardens.


Pavilions with benches are on the edge of the Big Fragrant Garden – a place to stop and rest and watch nature.  Daffodils abound on the southern edge here (on right), at the east boundary too – Daffodils fill the hill between the Root Cellar house and the Shop too.  Upper third of the photo is the site of the Silver Labyrinth.


Looking west at the top of the Big Fragrant Garden to the bathtub in the Garden.  The newly erected poles for the curtains lend an aesthetic, magical touch to the bathtub.  A bathtub there in the summer, watered by leaving the hose out in the sun all day, is an esquisite and very private indulgence in this secluded site.

Painting Labyrinth at La Paix

The labyrinth at La Paix – a painting by the Steward, Myra Bonhage-Hale.  A place to learn and love and give back.


Coming back over the bridge in the early spring.


Fall at La Paix – entering the back gate to the log cabin part of the home.


And finally, back to the front porch (first floor)  There is another covered porch on the 2nd floor.  Relax, you have come to La Paix!

For more photos of the gardens, activities, research at La Paix Herb Farm, please go to links at the top of this page.  Thank You for Visiting!

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